In the 4th Software Challenges in Aerospace symposium, we will again bring together experts at the intersection of aerospace and computer science. We will focus on software for flight operations (both on the vehicle and ground), and place a priority on the design and analysis of software-intensive aerospace systems for safety assurance. The goal of this symposium is to foster innovation and discussion across the divide between the two academic communities. We place an emphasis on demonstrable research on real-world applications, with clear extensions to aerospace software.

Papers will appear in the 2017 SciTech proceedings. Select papers from the first symposium were invited to extend their papers for a special issue of the Journal of Aerospace Information Systems.

We invite papers of the following types:

  • Papers that clearly describe gaps in the capabilities or policies related to aerospace software, and that illuminate frontiers where research will be necessary in order to make progress.
  • Papers which push the boundaries and deliver results in software-intensive systems, highlighting techniques that enable the intelligent and efficient management of system complexity.

Recent Posts

  • Panel session / discussion on open systems architecture

    We are happy to announce the 1st fixed program point for SCiA2017. We will be having a panel session on open systems architecture. This panel will share info about both the pro’s and con’s of an OSA effort. In addition, we will raise and talk about some of the challenges that relate to not only […]

    By Christoph Torens | July 25, 2016

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  • Confirmed Speakers/Panelists (update)

    We are proud to announce the following confirmed invited Speakers and Panelists for the SCIA 2017 software challenges in aerospace symposium. There will be a panel on Verification versus Certification for Software Intense Systems There will be a panel on Open Systems Architecture Complete list of confirmed invited Speakers and Panelist: Stephen Cook, Airworthiness Engineering […]

    By Christoph Torens | July 25, 2016

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  • SciTech 2017 Call for Papers, Final days before deadline

    The abstract deadline for SciTech 2017 is approaching soon. Paper abstracts are due on Monday 6 June 2016, 2000 hrs Eastern. So, these are the final days to finish your paper draft for the Software Challenges in Aerospace Symposium. Be sure to submit something before the deadline! If you need more time, please ask for […]

    By Christoph Torens | June 2, 2016

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